Below is a list of individuals who have formally endorsed Anthony Martin for Tulare County Superintendent of Schools.

Angela Boudreaux, Elementary School Vice Principal
Matt Darby, Attorney
Bridget Kidder, Partner: White Gold Dairy, Adjunct Professor: Porterville College
Treasure Weisenberger, Director of HR
Stephanie Cortez,
Dr. Blake Bartlett, IT Pharmacist: Kaweah Delta Health Care District
Sergio Mendoza, Director of Curriculum & Assessment
Bubba Williams, Owner: 91 Octane, Real Estate Agent 
Sheena Williams, School Board Member, Self-Employed: Salon Shae
Richard Steward, Retired Superintendent
William Garfield, Public Relations: Tulare River Economic Development Corporation
Debbie Estrada, Executive Director of Human Resources
Irene Ortega, Communication & Community Engagement Officer
David Shimer, Director of Ed Services-Technology & Assessment
Suzy Hatwig, Director Nutrition Services
Dr. Krista Herrera, Director of Ed Services-Instructional Development
Brooke Torres, Elementary School Principal
Lori Phillips, Elementary School Vice Principal
Stacie Fleischman, Elementary School Principal
Heather Lehman, Elementary School Vice Principal
Lily Shimer, Elementary School Principal
Troy Hayes,
Elementary School Principal
Matt Baxter, Elementary School Principal
Adriana Franco, Middle School Principal
Juan Flores, Elementary School Principal
Albert Watts, Teacher
Theresa Prather, Special Education Teacher
Bertha Rivero, Teacher: 7/8th Grade
Shawn Davila, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
 Kristy Martin, President: BEPF, Treasurer: SCAL-PTA 
Wendy Honeycutt, Vice President: BEPF, Secretary: SCAL-PTA
Lauren Sherrill, Secretary: BEPF, President: SCAL-PTA
Emily Dement, Director: BEPF, Vice President-Membership: SCAL-PTA
Amy Martinez, RN/CSN
Samantha Mulvihill, School Psychologist
Danielle Aguilar, Middle/High School Counselor
Kari Aguiar, School Psychologist
Heather Rodriguez, Special Education Coordinator
Elizabeth Coons, Accounting Technician II
Diana Romero, Accounting Technician II
Ashley Lucio, Special Ed Aide
Kaycee Speck, Special Ed Aide, Corresponding Secretary: SCAL-PTA
Leandra Cardenas, Education Specialist/Middle School
Jesus Cardenas, Jr. Instructional Aide
Daniel Darby, Elementary School Teacher
Jennifer Canella, Elementary School Teacher
Ben Cramer, Elementary School Teacher
Kelly Lee, Elementary School Teacher
Erin Poe,
Elementary School Teacher
Sarah Perry, Elementary School Teacher
Odilia Rodriguez, Elementary School Teacher
Briana Kehoe, Elementary School Teacher
Jason Goodin, Elementary School Teacher
Randa Ward, Elementary School Teacher 
Jennifer Sanders, Elementary School Teacher
Ken Cauwet, Elementary School Teacher
Sarah Borjon, Elementary School Teacher
Vorlasing Vankham, Elementary School Teacher
Samantha Williams, Education Specialist
Monica Wallace, Elementary School Teacher
Kristy Freed, High School Teacher
Gladys Carreon, Parent Liaison
Cassandra Garcia, Elementary School Teacher
Kenneth Campbell, Art Teacher
Ramon Lerma, Teacher
Zella Lovelady, Teacher
Heather Sonksen, Elementary School Teacher
Becky Martinez, Teacher
s Assistant
Maria Munoz, Teachers Assistant
Maria Chaidez, Administrative Assistant
Donna Davidson, Teachers Assistant
Denise Thompson, Site Clerk, Owner: 224 Consulting
Naicee Martin, Project Specialist: Save the Children, Owner-Martin's Tire & Auto
David Martin, Captain: Cal Fire, Owner-Martin's Tire & Auto
Dustin Della, Market President,
Sarah Catalina, Realtor: Keller Williams
Greg Curry, Realtor: Keller Williams
Ernie Nichols, Realtor: Keller Williams
Jordan Matthews, Realtor: Keller Williams
Mike Seaman, Realtor: Keller Williams
Jackie Casillas, Realtor: Keller Williams
Amanda Toledo, Realtor: Keller Williams
Alfred Davila,
Realtor: Keller Williams, Retired CO
Chelsea Zotter, Realtor: Keller Williams, Unit Clerk: Sierra View
Courtney Rosenberger, BDO: Frist American Title
Jose Miranda, Food Service Director
Brady Weisenberger, Owner/Operator: Weisenberger Tractor
Donna Hurley, Owner/Administrator: Bella Vista  
Dr. Abbas Hasnain, M.D., J.D. 
Cassandra Garcia, Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)
Simon Yoh, RN/School Nurse
Shelby Pritchett, LVN
Terra Kurz Patterson, RN
Mary Ann Sotelo, RN
Karen Flemming, RN, CTE Health Educator: Health Academy
Rosalva Archer, Nurse
Sarah Stockton, RN: Bethesda Lutheran Communities
Consuelo Green, RN: Kaweah Delta
Joe Guerrero, Paramedic: American Ambulance
Cecily Duckworth, Psych Tech: PDC
Adriana Addamo,
James Luna, Psych Tech: PDC
Mike Sisneroz, Psych Tech: PDC
Edwina Buchner, Dietic Services: PDC
Shelby McCoy, Pharmacy Tech: CVS
Chelsea Nichols, Patient Accounting Specialist II: Sierra View
Kristyn Baxter, Self Employed: CVRC/State of CA
Eddie Martin, Retired-Corcoran State Prison, Manager-Martins Tire & Auto
Barbara Martin, Retired Food Service Director: Pleasant View Elementary School
Darren Maddox,
Parks Superintendent: City of Porterville Parks & Leisure Services  
Tammy Maddox, Revenue Cycle Analyst: Sierra View District Hospital
Bob Purkiss, Owner/Director: Visiting Angels, Real Estate Agent
Whitney Watts, Executive Assistant: Sierra View
Tina J. Porter, Executive Assistant: TRTC
Edward Williams, State Employee: CA
Aaron Baxter, Sales: Bright House Energy
Mike Torres, Springville Community Member
Tim & Louise Beebe,
Porterville Community Member
John Rodriguez,
Operations Manager
Victor Leyva, Porterville Community Member
 Raul Sotelo, Porterville Community Member
Nancy Collins,
Porterville Community Member
Maria Alcantar,
PTA Member
Rhondi Farmer, PTO Member
Vicente & Esmeralda Acuna, Earlimart Community Members
Kory Krumsick, State Employee: CA
Claire Krumsick, Self Employed: Earth Angel
Anthony Gonzales, G-Fit Lifestyle
Patrizia Sanchez, G-Fit Manager
Eddie Garza, Electrician: AJ Electric
Jennifer Martinez, DMV Clerk: Merle Stone Chevy
Armando Cerda,  Contractor
Joe Skerl, Project Manager: Nationwide Boiler
Jamie Miller, Retail Manager: Walmart
Gloria Alvarado, Office Manager
Becca DeVera, Business Owner
Additional Community Members
Porterville Area
A.L. Lucketta, Curtis Alkire, Valerie Guzman, Mary Rayburn, Eugene Silva, Ashley Guzman,  Crystal Benevidez, Adela Alkire, Denise Alkire, Daphne Gonzalez, Brad Helton, Mark Ortiz, Rachard Morales, Jimmy Sanchez, Brian Recek, Robert Zavala, Betty Crabtree, Lance Ortega, Serena Ortega, Courtney Carillo, Tyler Martinez, Shauna Hayes, Aisha Dennis, Janice Wilson, Gary Clifton, Jessie Branch, Jason Baxter, Linda Owens, Helen Phillips, Amy Walkers, Michael Haney, Carissa Whit, Donald Lovelady, Marty Lautenschlager

Visaila Area
Tamara Rice, John C. Alkire, Christopher Rice

Should your name be here and it isn't? Want to add your name to the list?  Please visit the endorsement form HERE

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