Educational Beliefs

My Core Belief:
"Education is the key to changing circumstance and all children regardless of background can learn and succeed"
This belief comes from not only my own personal experiences but those with whom I have interacted with throughout the county over my years in the field of Education.  It is this core belief that underpins all decisions I make throughout the course of my work.
The vision that I have for the county is one where every student walks into class feeling welcomed.  This feeling of welcome is critical to students being open and ready to learn and is one that is created by intentional actions of all staff that they interact with everyday, both classified and certificated!  This intentional caring environment is created by focusing not only on the academic rigor provided but a focus on the culture and climate of the school.  I have witnessed this caring culture firsthand as both a parent and employee!  The culture of caring at my children's school makes them want to go to school each day and I know that they are well cared for when they are there!  Additionally I have seen first hand as an educator as to the difference that a caring environment can make for a student.  In my current district I have seen through the implementation of Capturing Kids Hearts what a culture of caring do for a child's education!  How this culture can make a child want to come to school when before they hated it!  This sets the stage for these students to be successful in the academic environment by ensuring their basic need of belonging is met.
Additionally I believe that a rigorous academic environment is key to ensuring our students are ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century.  This rigorous environment starts with ensuring our teaching staff is ready to deliver high quality first instruction on a daily basis.  Given our current teacher shortage it can be difficult at times to find individuals who have received all the necessary training to make it happen!  I believe the county is in perfect position to provide to support to our new teaching professionals and the districts they serve.  Given both the great Teacher Induction Program and the great instructional program in place currently that provides high quality training the county can continue to improve the quality of education our students receive on a daily basis by continuing and improving the variety and quality of trainings offered to the educational staff across the districts.   Furthermore rigorous instruction isn't limited to the basic education courses.  I believe that providing rigorous instruction in courses that provide real life skills such as agriculture and welding gives our students life skills to make them competitive in today's ever changing job market. This rigorous instruction should begin in Kindergarten and continue throughout a child's educational experience regardless of what school they attend, community they are from, socioeconomic status, ethnic background, language fluency or any specialized needs they have.  However, sometimes this rigorous instruction isn't enough and when that's the case students need a support system.  I believe the county's entrance in the world of MTSS & PBIS puts it into a critical position to support districts as they create systems of support for students with needs academically, behaviorally and social-emotional.  It through systems and trainings such as these that I believe every child should graduate high school both ready for the work field and for the post-secondary education of their choice, regardless if that's a Trade School, Vocational School, Community College or 4-Year University!
Finally, I believe in local control and choice!  With the passage and implementation of LCFF the state has made it clear that it believes in Local Control, a sentiment I firmly agree with.  I believe that the individuals who live and work in a school district are the ones best placed to make the decisions necessary to best support those students.  Additionally, LCFF & LCAP have provided citizens with the opportunity to have a better picture of how well their school is performing based upon a number of categories rather than solely based upon academic performance.  This is critical for parents and community members to accurately judge how their school is performing.  Along with this new information and funding formula comes additional accountability, something I'm in full support of.  However, with accountability needs to come the support to be successful.  I believe this is where the county plays a vital role to the success of the districts within it's borders.  Providing support to ensure that all schools have the resources to not only survive but thrive is critical when schools are being held accountable.  Furthermore I believe we can come to a point where accountability isn't a negative but a positive and becomes celebrations of successes, many of which can already be seen across the county!   This leads us to school choice.  Given the amount of information that is now available to parents to determine the success of their child's school it is imperative parents have the choice of where they want to send their children.  This comes in both the form of Charter Schools and the approval of interdistrict agreements.  I'm a firm believer that if a parent wants to enroll their child at a specific school that they should be able to, provided the child adhere to their behavior agreements and the district serves their own students first. This choice allows parents to pick schools focused on specific areas but also serves as healthy competition among schools and allows for us all to have better schools and communities!
Thank you for taking the time to review my educational beliefs and core values!  Should you have any specific questions regarding specific issues please do not hesitate to contact me!
Thank You for Your Support!

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